2021 NC Envirothon – Virtual

The Envirothon is a fun, hands-on, natural science academic competition for teams of middle and high school students and is sponsored by the N.C. Association of Soil and Water Conservation Districts and local districts, with help in organization and implementation from the division. The contest, workshop and award handbook can be viewed HERE.

A year-long curriculum combining in-class studies with outdoor training in ecology and natural resource management emphasizes teamwork and higher order thinking skills such as analysis and interpretation.  The Envirothon helps develop environmentally aware citizens who are able to assume future leadership roles.  Subject areas studied are: Aquatic Ecology, Forestry, Soils and Land Use, Wildlife and Current Environmental Issues.

For more information about the Envirothon, please visit the N.C. Envirothon website at www.ncenvirothon.org, email Sandra Weitzel @ [email protected] or contact your local soil and water conservation district.

Envirothon Promotional Video