North Carolina Association of Soil and Water Conservation Districts

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Locally Lead Conservation

Through NC General Statute, Conservation Districts in our great state have provided locally lead conservation based on local natural resource needs. 492 elected and appointed Soil and Water Conservation Supervisors lead this effort. Each county in NC has a Soil and Water Conservation District. See our Local Soil & Water Districts page for a complete directory.

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Promoting Conservation for 80 Years

Dr. Hugh Hammond Bennett, the father of conservation, is native of NC. Born in Anson County and graduate of the University of North Carolina in Chapel Hill, Dr. Bennett focused his life on protecting our most basic need for life, our soil.

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Representing the 96 Soil and Water Conservation Districts in North Carolina

From the mountains to the coast, Soil and Water Conservation Districts work to protect our natural resources. This is important for locally lead efforts as resource concerns differ as the landscape changes.

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