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Soil Education Resources On The Web
  • Soil Biological Communities, Just for Kids BLM’s Wilber the soil wizard helps young students (ages 9 through 11) become soil experts.
  • “The Dirt on Soil” (grades 5 though 8)
    A link to the Discovery Channel. Includes sections on the layers of soil, things under your feet, and a journey underground.
  • Dr. Dirt
    Hands-on, exploratory learning activities based on methods of scientific inquiry will encourage interest in science, soil, engineering, agriculture, and natural resources.
  • Field Museum – Underground Adventure
    This site contains virtual movies of the exhibit “Underground Adventure” at The Field Museum, experiments for learning, and even a virtual terrarium.
  • S. K. Worm
    S.K. Worm, the official annelid (or worm) of the Natural Resources Conservation Service answers questions about soil.

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